Top 10 ways to earn online money using internet

With the advancement of technologies, people are keener to earn online and “how to make money using internet?” is the most commonly asked question. People from different professions like doctors, engineers and even students and house-wives are looking to earn some money online. It is good to see that people want to earn more in their spare without wasting it. But due to the lack of proper guidance on how to start earning using internet many people are failing to do so. However, here is the guidance for those people who really want to earn money using internet. So are you excited to go for the ride? Then check out Top 10 ways to earn online money using internet.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. Yes! If you have a good skill of convincing people to buy any service or product, then this is the best option for you. You just need to get an affiliate link by registering in any site and if any person buys products by clicking on your affiliate link, then you will be entitled to certain percent of the product’s sale amount. Isn’t it very easy to earn with this? Try this out! Don’t worry! Your payment will be 100% genuine.

2. Earn Money by Blogging from Home

Well! Blogging is so far the best way to earn money using internet only if you have an extremely good writing skill. With the writing skill, you also need to understand the requirement of the niches or the topics that will be allotted to you for writing. You need to write something on that particular niche with proper and useful information so that the readers’ returns back to the site. You can also start your own blog once you get well acquainted with Blogging. You will eventually get paid per articles basis or word count basis. It is basically the best work from home option.

3. Earn by Selling Used Stuffs Online

Well! You can now sell your used products online and can earn money. Ever thought about this? Yes! Now there a lot of online websites available to sell off used products in exchange of money. Sites like OLX and Quickr are best for this. You can sell anything from books to furniture anything that is no longer in use. You just need to put a classified ad on the site and you will get call from the buyers. Talk, sell and earn!

4. Earn Money from YouTube

Have you ever watched videos online on Youtube? I am sure you must have! Everyone has as it is the largest online video sharing portal. Now don’t just watch videos anymore? Now upload your own videos and share them with the whole world. What? You can earn by uploading and sharing videos on Youtube. Yes! Once you upload the video, youtube will add some relevant ads along with the video and will share the revenue with you. Isn’t it quite easy earning like this? Get started then!

5. Part Time Writing Job

This is one of the exciting jobs that will let you earn money but you need to have a good writing skill and some of knowledge about the formats and rules. You will find many online sites like, etc where you will be able to find writing jobs.

6. Web Designing

If you are having any knowledge about how to design a website by HTML, CSS, Java Script etc, you can definitely give it a try. There are many sites offering such works where you can get work on contract basis. This is a good opportunity to earn money while growing your skills on website designing. Make sure you do proper work so that you get paid well.

7. Get Paid to Read Ads

There are many big sites who are offering money instead of clicking on ads, reading ads etc. You might have heard about “Get Paid to Read Ads”, you can earn by reading just on ads. The payment varies with different sites.

8. Sell Online Creative Things

Do you have creativity skills? Well! If yes, then create something unique and sell it online to earn money. Isn’t it great? You just need to create a website and upload the images of your products and add a payment method to get the payment. Make sure you have a delivery system too. Go Creative and Earn More!

9. Earn Money Online by Becoming a Translator

If you have a very good translating skill, then this job is the perfect online home based job for you. Yes! Search for clients who need translating works and join them. The earning varies with the clients. You can also get translating work by searching on sites like,, and etc. The payment with these sites will be 100% secure and safe. I would recommend you to go for these sites till you are well acquainted with the field.

10. Fill Survey Forms to Earn Money Online

This is also a very good option if you are looking to earn money online. There are many sites available that are looking for people to fill survey form in-exchange of money. You can fill the survey form for properly and earn money. Most of the time the sites offering this type of works are not genuine, and thus you need to find sites with genuine payment terms.
So these are the top 10 ways in which you can earn money online through internet. Check out these online jobs and tell me the one that is most suited for you. Happy Earning!

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