Upcoming smartphones 2017

With every year passing by the technology is just growing with a straight line curve, and with technology, the phones in market are getting better. So here is the list of top 10 smartphones that could have chances to fascinate the users. Also being of known and trusted brands that have served the phone market well till now, their new babes will be waited for.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 with all the rumors turning around, there are many wishes concerning i-phone 8. Some say it will be 5.5 inches and some say it will have flexible OLED with vibrant colors and best contrast ratio of that time. Well only 2017 holds the truth. Speed and efficiency of this phone will be just awesome because of the 10 nanometer A12 chip. It may also have biometric additions of facial or iris scanning.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

S8 with better battery life and awesome features, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus will just be in markets in 2017 for its users. Having optical stability facial recognition and auto laser focus along with geo tagging S8 and S8 plus will be shock buster phones. Having 64 and 128 GB memory options, Samsung will just squeeze the market well with its Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Note 8 well its phones and technology and Samsung will have its name more than once. Enhanced with GSM/LTE/HSPA technology and ultra slim and light weighted, Samsung will surely blow the market with this. Not only it will be touch screen but also with great resolution and best ever sound formulation. Brilliant memory and upgraded features will just make this product of the year

Microsoft Surface Phone

Next in our list is the Microsoft Surface phone. With 5.5 AMOLED display and 1440 X 2560 pixel display this phone will create the competition in the market. Upgraded memory options and better Inter Processor in it along with the rumors that it may also have a small and cute surface pen has made a long list of Microsoft lovers waiting for 2017.

Nokia D1C

Coming in 2017this phone will just be perfect with in Nokia range. Hoped to be coming with a Qualcomm 64 bit snapdragon and 430 octa core processer this phone will also have adreno 505 GPU and high HD resolution. With 32 GB or more on board, this phone’s launching will be awaited more and more. Expected to have brilliant megapixel rear and front cameraalong with awesome selfies snapper and 4G LTE with all basic features like GPS and Bluetooth enhanced, Nokia D1Cyou will be waited for.

HTC 11

How can phone be mentioned without HTC 11? Hoped and heard through rumors, this phone will be better than HTC 10b and will have processor supporting 8-64 GB RAM. With more and more storage and enhanced brilliant features, this phone can have better mega pixels in rear and front camera. It will have 25% more faster graphic rendering features along with half the power consumption than the already HTC in the market. Enhanced features and everything better, this phone will be a sure shot in 2017 with snapdragon 835 and will sure have headline launching.

One Plus 4

Now is the turn for one plus phone with battery of 4000mAh along with D touch and pressure sensitive technology. Enhanced with finger print scanner and quick charging along with water proof this phone will just make its users wait for its launching. Memory of 64 GB and android 7 version, it will be available in different colors like blue, black, gold, ceramic and white this will be technologically gorgeous phone to use.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung again it is. Samsung galaxy X will burn the 2017 phone market with its design and display with OLED Youm display panels. It will be a 5 inches smart phone that will have patend design with maybe rollable prototype display. Enhanced with 4K resolution and diamond pen tile sub-pixel display arrangement and will be counted among the super AMOLED sporting devices. Supposed to have snapdragon 830 power, its launching is very much awaited by one and all.


Now LG has to make it in this list. With 4200 mAh battery and optical image stabilization plus along with dual LED and geo tagging this phone will actually create competition for many phones in 2017. Enhanced with features like facial recognition, better front and rear camera and auto laser focus LG is all set to fire the phone market in 2017. It will be available in black, blue, gold, white and copper colors. Having bendable display, corning gorilla glass, $G LTE and other enhanced features like wireless charging, retina eye scanner, finger print scanner, water proof, mini projector and stylus this phone is like every dreamer’s dream come true. More space, better resolution and technology advanced this will be a phone to have

Sony Xperia C6

How can phone list be ended without Sony? Having 4.6 inches full display, this phone will surely stand and perform well in 2017 phone market. Having marsh mellow android and MT6755 Helio P10 octa core process along with 21 MP LED camera and better internal memory that can be happily expanded this phone will be 2017 awesome. This phone will also have all basic features enhanced like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB along with high resolution display and everything technical.

So this was our 2017 awaited phone list. Sure everyone needs a good phone and this list was for people planning to buy one in 2017. Rest, how and when these are launches is a mystery but for sure these phones are awaited as they are the best companies offering great quality and when name is Sony or LG or Samsung or Apple these is more excitement associated as they are totally worth their cost. With is chosen list of 2017 phones, plan your new phone well and grab it just after the launch when you can hot flaunt you new friend.

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